Scrutinizing strategies to empower and steer your management decisions in the right direction…Behind the success of every business lie well-timed and informed management decisions. However, there lies a vast gap between the planning and execution of such decisions which needs to be bridged before an organization can expect success or returns.

At Jitendra Consulting Group, we understand the magnitude of these decisions and have given our unbiased views and reports on various aspects of such managerial plans with our highly analytical feasibility studies, insightful due diligence reports as well as end-to-end analysis and counsel on Mergers & Acquisitions. Our team of legal and financial experts have evaluated the decisions of various businesses across an assortment of verticals with insightful critique to help them achieve and maintain a leading edge. We, at the Jitendra Consulting Group, not only ensure that your organization takes informed decisions at the right time, but also help sharpen and stretch your strategies by analyzing the financial, economic and tax implications of your plans.

What We Offer –

After getting a hold of the core functionality of your organization, we specialize at providing highly precise and targeted analysis with:

Feasibility Studies

  • Accurately targeted reports to analyze the feasibility of proposals and answer the most vital question of whether the idea is viable and execution would add value to the organization or not.
  • Integrated, solution oriented reports citing scrutiny of every aspect of the proposal with respect to current as well as anticipated market conditions.
  • Analyzing and realigning objectives to compliment short term as well as long term feasibility, while benefiting from liaisons and partnership arrangements.
  • Critical analysis and implementation reviews with alternative options for appraisal of plans with special focus on market, technical, financial, legal and organizational feasibility.

Due Diligence Reports and Analysis

  • Keen investigations to evaluate the potential of joint ventures, mergers & acquisitions, investment and expansion decisions as well as other business opportunities.
  • Unbiased and independent analysis of the financial statements, business plans and other commercial records or information of the target company.
  • Ensuring the right investment decisions by validating facts, eliminating assumptions and delving into the past, present and future of the business of the target company.
  • Specialized reports for acquisition and vendor due diligence while maintaining the confidentiality of proposals and transactions without disrupting the normal activities of the business.
  • Supporting an effective decision making process for clients by evaluating financial, operational and tax due diligence to identify vital business drivers, profitability trends, potential risks and assist in configuring tax-efficient transactions.
  • Well-documented reports on the collection, scrutiny and interpretation of financial and tax information for presentation to stakeholders.
  • Risk analysis and management for efficient time and asset management.

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Establishing objectives and identifying the most appropriate avenues for growth and expansion other than organic growth.
  • Advice from an expert panel on the best route for growth from the plethora of profit improvement opportunities including mergers, acquisitions, takeovers, restructures, disposals and demergers.
  • Targeted analysis for buy-side as well as sell-side businesses to identify and ensure maximum value from divestment or acquisition decisions.
  • End-to-end solutions from initiating deals to analysing feasibility, recognizing and eliminating risks, raising finance, as well as negotiating and closing deals.
  • Timely advice and leveraging benefits through ingenious financial, legal and tax planning to benefit the most of these profit improvement opportunities.

We aim to offer a comprehensive set of services from a wide panel of experts who brainstorm to create global business solutions that always keep you one step ahead of your competitors.