VAT Services

As VAT will be effective in entire UAE from 1st January 2018, we at Jitendra Chartered Accountants (JCA)are all set to ensure you of the best VAT services. Our team of qualified Chartered accountants and VAT experts supports you through this transition phase and further.

We help businesses in structuring their businesses to synchronize with all VAT requirements. We have drawn all necessary knowledge from the implementation of VAT from all across the world. Being updated with all particulars of VAT implementation in UAE, we offer following services.

  1. VAT Planning
  2. VAT Implementation
  3. VAT Registration
  4. VAT Advisory Services
  5. VAT Training
  6. VAT Compliance
  7. VAT Representation  

What is GCC VAT Agreement?

GCC VAT Agreement is the part of the objectives laid down by GCC for the Charter of the Arab States. All the member countries of Gulf Cooperation Council have agreed to implement VAT on the consumption of goods and services. The countries covered under GCC VAT are UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. 

How to Register for VAT in Dubai in UAE?

VAT is set to be implemented in UAE from 1st January 2018 at the rate of 5%. All businesses or individuals with a taxable turnover of AED 375,000/- in UAE must be registered. The online VAT registration is available on the website of Federal Tax Authority at

We at JCA help you in the precise and proper implementation of all the VAT compliances. Our services will also support you for correct input tax credit against the VAT liability as per the nature and size of your business.  Businesses need to submit details of their business over the last previous 12 months period. Expected values of turnover, imports and exports with details of customs authority should also be submitted.

VAT Implementation

We at JCA help businesses to get prepared with all the necessary VAT registration formalities. We get you through all the online VAT registration procedures with ease. We further advise you on system modifications, record keeping, training staff and business impact assessment.

VAT Advisors in Dubai for VAT Compliances

Our services are designed to help small and medium sized as well large companies to comply with all the VAT laws and legislations. Our team will analyse your business in terms of VAT perspectives and will prepare the filing and all data and give you a secure invoicing, filing, and accounting system in tune with all the VAT compliances.

VAT Compliance

Once VAT is effective, a VAT registered company will need to fulfill all requirements. Our team will guide you through for complying all requirements including VAT payment, filing returns, and other procedures.

Jitendra Consulting Group is providing all the following services to help you comply all the VAT compliances.

  • VAT registration
  • VAT calculation
  • Invoicing
  • Accounting
  • VAT Payments
  • Procedure for filing VAT return in Dubai

If you are yet to get VAT registration, contact us to get through the registration process quickly. Get guidance on submission of documents required for VAT registration. Our accurate knowledge and experience of dealing with the authorities for all tax related formalities will ensure easy completion of all the procedures. During VAT implementation our team of experts will guide you  and answer your VAT related queries like what is VAT tax group, what is zero rating, VAT de-registration, and what is a single taxable person.

Right from consultation and registration to accounting, we offer a complete range of VAT service with affordable packages. Looking for VAT Registration Services in UAE ? Contact VAT Agent, VAT Consultant, VAT Service Provider Company, VAT Advisers in Dubai, UAE. We ensure that your VAT returns are filed on time and regularly. Our legal experts will also resolve any query from the Federal Tax authorities. Regular VAT payments, returns and proper liaising with the authorities will keep your tax formalities up to the date.