Excise Services in Dubai / UAE?

We at Jitendra Consulting Group (JCG) are professional excise experts. Our firm is one of the leading audit firms for excise tax consultancies in Dubai. Our support and guidance have helped the business community to go through the excise registration and compliances formalities without any hassles.

Our excise related services cover all comprehensive support including registration, compliances, and all official requirements. 

What is Excise Tax in Dubai / UAE?

The excise tax law became effective in UAE from 1st October 2017. It impacts all the goods such as tobacco, carbonated drinks and energy drinks that harm the health of individuals. Excise registration is the very first step towards compliance with the excise tax procedures. Our expert knowledge of all the documents required for excise registration helps you to get registration quickly without any repeated attempts.

Following goods are subject to excise tax in Dubai / UAE

Tobacco @ 100%

Carbonated drinks @ 50%

Energy drinks @ 100%

We help your business to prepare for all excise related implementations.

  • Eligibility and support services for excise registration
  • Excise tax planning and preparations
  • Excise consultation services
  • Training the staff to implement excise procedures

Excise Tax Compliances

Our qualified team of auditors will ensure compliances responsibilities of your businesses. Once registered for excise, we will guide you on the following compliances services.

  • Calculation and submission of excise returns timely.
  • Maintaining records, appropriate invoicing, and reconciliation
  • Responding to excise authorities’ queries and notices
  • Representing before the Federal Tax Authorities for all excise related matters
  • A complete guidance for what excise tax records should be maintained in Dubai/UAE.

The Federal Tax Authorities in UAE offers online facility of excise registration on the official website www.tax.gov.ae The basic documents including certificate of incorporation, articles of association, and bank details of the firms that are needed to get excise registration. Businesses also need to submit their trading license and documents identifying the authorized signatories of the firm.

Excise Requirements

Regardless of the nature and size of business, we are able to handle all excise requirements. Right from registration documents to reconciliation, our qualified team ensures you of the best services.