Jitendra Tax Consultants, one of the divisions of Jitendra Consulting Group is an approved Tax agency regulated and authorized by the Federal Tax Authority bearing TAN No 30002497.  Jitendra Tax Consultants as an approved Tax agency can assist a taxable person in the fulfillment of their tax obligations, tax rights and tax affairs with the FTA. Our tax and advisory specialists understand the increasingly complex tax, commercial laws and practices of this economy. With our experience and expertise, we can assist you in taxation matters by providing practical advices, translating technical tax issues into workable solutions for our clients. These days since fiscal horizons are changing rapidly around the world including U.A.E, Entrepreneurs and CEO’s need to be able to rely on the most valuable and carefully considered advice and expertise.We believe that VAT and Excise tax regulations should be interpreted and complied with appropriately. With the recent tax evolution of VAT and Excise tax in U.A.E, we firmly believe in tax planning and taking proactive steps to client’s tax situations and compliance with tax regulations. Our tax advisors would plan and advise you to save taxes so that Entrepreneurs and CEO’s can focus on your business strategy and growth.

Our knowledge of UAE’s tax law and regulations with our experience will help you to make correct and informed decisions.

What we offer

1.Tax planning

2.Tax implementation

3.Tax registration

4.Tax advisory services

5.Tax training

6.Tax compliance

7.Tax representation

8.Tax dispute resolutions

9.Tax audit assistance